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Our company

Casa Vinicola Costanza s.r.l. is a producer of bottled wine that has been operating in the Italian market for very many years. Our product range includes still and sparkling wines from many of the most well-known wine regions in Italy, origin wines (IGT and DOC wines), and wine-based beverages and cocktails.

Our expertise in the wine sector dates back to long ago, and aims at offering only the best quality wines selected from a controlled and guaranteed supply chain. Our company ensures the traceability of all our bottles, from raw materials to logistics. We combine high-tech production processes with the knowledge and experience of great professionals, and we seek to obtain better- and better-quality wines with excellent value for money.

A family legacy

Casa Vinicola Costanza is managed by a family who have always worked in the wine sector. They are qualified professionals who have gained remarkable competence and experience over the years, and who share a great passion for wine.

To them, wine making is no mere job: it is a calling, a family legacy that has been passed on from one generation to the next for a number of years, with great diligence, dedication, and enthusiasm. With the help of the best specialists, they have made Casa Vinicola Costanza a young and dynamic company, and with their work they seek to obtain better- and better quality wines with excellent value for money every day.

Olga Tosanotti

General Manager

Adele Tosanotti

Brand Manager

Corrado Masserano

Senior Oenologist


our values

From one generation to the next

Casa Vinicola Costanza is more than a company. It is a family history that goes back generations, and it is a story of passion for wine, of respecting nature and tradition, and of caring for our customers.

We are committed to offering quality wines – wines that are made with passion and love, and that come from a short, sustainable, and carefully selected supply chain. We aim at being an innovative, future-oriented company, at consistently meeting market expectations, and at creating value forour stakeholders by nurturing transparent and long-lasting relations.

Our values

Customer satisfaction

which we pursue with a flexible production and efficient services


Sustainability, and the safeguarding of natural resources and of people's health and well-being.

Each of our bottles is the result of our constant search for quality, safety, and convenience. Eac hof our bottles is an emotion - one to be shared with others.
We work every day to give ourcustomers the very best of Italian wines, with a wide range of proposals for all tastes.
We work to initiate all of you to the Art of Wine, to its story, its charm, its magic.

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