Fantasy, colour, glee

“Sometimes words are not enough. Then you need colours. And shapes. And notes.
And emotions”

(Alessandro Baricco)

Our passion for wine and for genuine, authentic flavours, the knowledge and competence of only the very best professionals, and some great initiative, have now come together to create something new – something unique.

SNIPER is the name of a new selection of fresh, coloured, and absolutely original products: a collection of wine-based beverages and cocktails, the result of great experience, and the embodiment of our most cheerful, most lively, most scintillating soul.

SNIPER cocktails are prepared only with the very best quality wines, and they are an ideal match for all moments of relax, conviviality, and togetherness.

SNIPER is definitely the right choice for those who love wine but at the same time feel like trying something new – new experiences, new sensations, a whole new world. SNIPER cocktails will give you an incredible combination of freshness, colours, and genuine, authentic flavours, that will spread joy and happiness all around.

SNIPER: Enjoy Life.

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